My Journey As An Author

How I Started Writing

As I have been involved with the written word, one way or another, for most of my working life, it might seem odd that I have never written any fiction since I was at school.

For a long time I assumed that my expertise was in helping others to write - both children and adults, but then my wife suggested I have a go at writing something, and there I was - flying!

One of the things that persuaded me I couldn't write was my lack of ideas, but I've learnt that using a prompt - anything from a picture to three random words, or a piece of dialogue, gets me off the starting blocks.

Even now I can't seem to plan anything in advance, and when I start to write a story, I never know where it will end or what will happen to the characters along the way. I think I'm what's known in the writing world as a 'pantser' - I fly by the seat of my pants!



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