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Sheena Billett

writing...extraordinary stories about ordinary people

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In an impetuous moment, a young, nurse from Manchester, applies for a job in a remote settlement in the Canadian Arctic. In this story, set in the challenging but rapidly changing 1970s, Connie's romantic notions of life in the north, are quickly shattered, and she has to adapt if she is going to survive in this new, white, world.

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"This coming of age story about a young woman running from her past and learning how to adapt amongst the harsh landscape is a heart-warming one. The characters in Hudson Bay and the surrounding communities are vibrant and lifelike, the descriptions of the setting are immersive, the conflicts and troubles associated with an isolated life are detailed clearly. I thought that there was care taken to explore, acknowledge and explore the interactions between Canadians and the Inuit communities, from the mistrust of western medical treatment and new people, the importance of learning traditions and the horrors of being sent away to hospital or to the schools, potentially never to return home. I also felt the same care was taken with Connie’s relationships, as she slowly settles and is able to accept her past and herself. This is a gentle and heart-warming coming-of-age story that you can immerse yourself in and enjoy. It’s endearing to see Connie mature over her time in the Arctic, growing confidence in herself as well as her medical skills."


"Go on a journey to the Arctic with Connie in this novel. From Manchester to the Arctic is a well-written story depicting the lives and challenges of members of a small community in the Arctic. I loved the characters and their diverse personalities. Sheena brought each character to life. I liked how Connie interacted with and respected the Inuit people and their culture. She immersed herself perfectly into the Arctic lifestyle and found positive ways to overcome her homesickness. It was clear that the characters were running from something, and I was curious about what brought each of them to this cold land. Connie's reason is told in little bits and pieces throughout the plot, adding intrigue to the story."

"What a breath of fresh air! This book is so many books encompassed into one, which I really loved. Drama, romance, adventure, and tension all in one!" 
Book Sirens Reviewer


I really enjoyed this novel, especially as it is based on real life experience. The writing itself was evocative - I could feel the ice and cold tundra around me. I appreciated that is was written from the perspective of a young woman who was coming to terms with her sexuality and the lack of understanding from the westerners around her in the early 1970's. Learning more about the culture and daily life of the Inuit was also incredibly interesting. I would definitely recommend this book.

                                                 Book Sirens Reviewer

Absolutely thrilled to announce that my short story Noel's Garden is in the Bridgehouse Publishing Evergreen anthology. Get your copy and enjoy a collection of writing by some fabulous authors.

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